How to Reinstall Windows 10 Without Losing Data

How to Reinstall Windows 10 Without Losing Data: We have all had trouble with our computers from time to time and we all hate doing a fresh install of Windows, but if you are having the follow computer problems with Windows 10, you can do a repair install. Many laptop users won’t know this, but it’s possible to reinstall windows 10 without losing your files, pics, song and other data. in this guide, we are able to see how to correctly reinstall windows 10 without losing data.

you may use this approach whilst your windows 10 isn’t working because it’s intended and you’re getting one or extra errors even as beginning applications or apps. In quick, move for reinstall best if you’re having problems that are not repairable. as an example, if home windows 10 could be very sluggish even after attempting all the answers accessible at the web, you may remember reinstalling windows 10.

When is a good time to use repair install for Windows 10?

* Windows start menu not working.
* Windows apps not working.
* Corrupt system files.
* Malware done damage to operating system.
* Failed Windows 10 updates and upgrades.
* Windows Update that has corrupted the operating system.

There are many other reason for doing a repair install of Windows 10, as long as you can get to the desktop, you should be OK to continue. You can’t do a repair install from a booted Windows 10 USB or CD.

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