Remove Viruses with Windows Defender Offline

Remove Viruses with Windows Defender Offline: Today its not uncommon to fall fail to malicious malware viruses, once your infected with ransomware, rogues and any other type of computer infection, it can be difficult to remove for the average computer user. But all is not lost, Microsoft have released a tool that can help to remove stubborn malware from a computer, even if its unbootable, of cause your still need a working computer to download Windows Defender Offline Tool. I will show you how to build a USB flash drive for Windows Defender Offline and then run a scan to help with the removal process of these nasty PC infections. It can even find malicious and potentially unwanted programs like Adware, Toolbars, Boatware and Junkware.

To get started, find a blank CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with at least 250 MB of free space and then download and run the tool—the tool will help you create the removable media.

  • To use and setup Windows Defender Offline, just follow these basic steps:
  • Download Windows Defender Offline and create a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.
  • Restart your PC using the Windows Defender Offline media.
  • Scan your PC for malicious and other potentially unwanted software.
  • Remove any malware that is found from your PC.

1. Please download the right version of your operating system




2. Run the downloaded mssstool64.exe  or mssstool32.exe, it should look like this icon icon


3. Next click I accept button.


4. Next select what type of bootable media you want to use CD/DVD, USB, or ISO (We will be doing a USB Flash Drive)


5. Plug in your USB Flash Drive and select it


6. Remember to backup data on the flash drive or it will be lost, click next


7. Just let Windows Defender Offline build your bootable flash drive


8. Now click Finish


9. Next boot to Windows Defender Offline. Keep tapping F11 on the keyboard on reboot, then select the temporarily boot order for USB flash drive or CD/DVD

loading files


10. Once Windows Defender Offline is booted up, select update, this will update to the latest virus definitions.


11. next select your scan you wish to run, I will be doing a quick scan, its always best to run a full scan.


12. The scan will start, it may take some time to complete.


13. Remove any virus that is found on the system, if you found no malware close Windows Defender Offline


That’s it, you have now completed your scan with Windows Defender Offline. other scans maybe need if you are still having issues like popups, redirects etc etc.

You can follow some of my other videos or guides if your still infected or post on my forum for help and support. Share this with your friends if you found it useful.

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