Repair Missing File Associations with File Extension Fixer

Repair Missing File Associations with File Extension Fixer: Malware can be hard to remove from a infected computer system, what can be frustrating is the damage it does to the operating system once malware is removed, repairs to system settings is a important part in the cleaning process.

You may be working on a computer and trying to do a malware cleanup on that virus infested system, but the job becomes more harder when a array of system tools are not working, tools like msconfig, Task Manager, Registry Editor and Command Prompt.

These are commonly disabled by malware. Another common area of the operating system that gets attacked is file associations, especially .EXE, this stops the running of any executable malware removal tools on your computer, that you may need to run to remove malicious malware programs.

Malware don’t just stop at .EXE files extensions, it can block others like .lnk, .MSI, .COM, .BAT, .REG, .VBS and many more.

So if your system is suffering from these types errors, don’t panic File Extension Fixer is another great free tool from the creator of UVK Ultra Virus Killer. its can easy fix, repair or  restore the missing file associations entry back to its original state.

No install is necessary as this free software is portable. there are two types of downloads for File Extension Fixer EXE and COM extension file formats.

Once you launch File Extension Fixer you can choose what file format you want to repair, not sure what to choose? no problem it has a function where you can fix all EXE, MSI, BAT, REG, CMD, COM and VBS in just one click, don’t worry if some are not broke, it won’t harm your operating system.

1. To do a repair file associations, right click ExeFixer and Run as Administrator


2. To fix .EXE select extension .EXE and click Fix Selected 


3. If you have more than one association select all and click fix selected 


4. Click OK


5. File Extension Fixer also has some other options for repair.


That’s it, your File Extension should now be fixed.

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Download ExeFixer.exe

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