Restore Your Computer With Reset This PC

Restore Your Computer With Reset This PC: If you’re having problems with your computer like, Malware, Corrupt Registry, Corrupt Windows files, BSOD, or you just want to do a fresh install. Maybe you have tried the refresh feature or system restore and nothing is working. Well Reset this PC is easy to do and should solve a lot of these computer problems.

‘Reset this PC’ has a option that allows you to keep all your data files and settings if you won’t want to do a clean install of Windows.

In this video I will show you a number of ways to completely wipe the system and install Windows 10. Remember to backup all your data before starting Reset This PC. Even if you use the clean my drive option and have no intention of keeping any data. Because you never know if you wanted any of that data at a later date. You ca keep it for 30 days and then delete it if you don’t need it.

remember the method I use in this video will delete all your personal files and settings.

All programs that you’ve installed will be removed, so make sure you have all the licence keys to hand when you reinstall them.

So if your computer was infected by a virus or malware, this option is great to put your PC back like new.

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