Run Google Chrome in Incognito Mode by Default

Most of you know about Google Chrome browser and its incognito feature which lets you browse the web privately without storing any of your personal data from sites that you may of visited.  But what if you want to use the incognito feature as your default browser, well this is easy to set up, I will show you.

First let me show you how you start incognito mode in Chrome.

Go to the three bar icon top right and choose “New Incognito window“.

You can read more on how Chrome Incognito mode works by clicking here:

OK let’s now make Chrome run in incognito mode (private) as Default.

Here is the steps:

1. First we will add Chrome launcher shortcut on desktop.

  • right-click Google Chrome, then select Send To and then Desktop Shortcut


2. Now right-click Google Chrome icon and select Properties


3. Now in Target field, add –incognito make sure there is a space between apostrophe and dash.


4. Click yes to permissions 


5. All done..when you open your Google Chrome browser now you should open in incognito mode (private) as Default.



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