Run System File Checker sfc /scannow Offline in Windows

Now and then we run into problems with our operating system and we need to do some repairs on the OS, this is where System File Checker is useful, it’s a tool that lets you scan and check the integrity of all your Windows System Files, once its completed its scan it will repair corrupted or missing system operating system files. There will be times when you can’t boot into your windows machine to run SFC /scannow to resolve your issues. That’s where running it in recovery console or from a windows recovery CD is essential to getting your

system back up and running again.
Just follow this video guide and hopefully your be back up and running again in no time.

To scan for a file use this code below, remember to change file you wish to scan.
sfc /scanfile=d:\windows\system32\drivers\afd.sys /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows

To run a full scan use this command below.
sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows

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