Save Web Page To PDF File in Windows or Mac

Save Web Page To PDF File in Windows or Mac: Have you ever seen a tutorial or article on a web page you wanted to save?Well there is a real simple way to save a page to a PDF. So if your using Google Chrome and what to save that tutorial for future reference or maybe use it as a hand out in a class room I will show you how you can save any Web page to PDF file. This is a great feature in Google Chrome and you wont need any PDF conversion software.

How to Save Web Page To PDF File?

1. Open the Chrome browser on web page that you want to convert into a PDF file.

2. Press Ctrl + P on the Windows keyboard

3. Command + P on a Mac.

4. Click on Change Destination in top left of screen


5. Now click on Save as PDF


6. Now click on blue Save button


7. Now click on the PDF file you saved


8. You should now see you web page your saved to PDF file format.


That’s it…This is one of the simplest way to convert any web page to PDF file whether you are using a Windows Computer or Mac. So now you can save your all your favorite web articles and tutorials so you can view them offline or archive them for later viewing.

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