Scan with Emsisoft Emergency Kit to Remove Malware

Scan with Emsisoft Emergency Kit to Remove Malware: when we get infected with a virus/malware, we can run a free scan with EEK, it does a great job at removing all the latest malware, some of the most common PuPs (potentially unwanted program) once these get on the computer system your get redirected to different sites that you never even search for, be bombarded with popup ads and advertisements. This is where Emsisoft comes in, they are a leading software company that know how to deal with malware, trojan, and rootkit.

So if your computer is slow or sluggish and full of malware, lets gets rid of it.




First we need to download Emsisoft Emergency Kit and then install it in the specified path C:\EEK.

  • Once opened click extract. You should see the screen below.


icon Now Double-click on the desktop shortcut, this will start the EEK .

  • It will start loading malware signatures


… Its is highly recommended that you run a online update before using the program

Do you want to update now? click “Yes“.


It will start to update the definitions. Be patient..


Once updated is complete, click back button.


Now just click Scan button.


Next we need to click on custom scan button.


(1) Now check-mark detect Potentialy Unwanted Programs “PUPs”  (2) Now click next.


The scan should now start to scan your system for malware infections.


Once scan has finished, if you have infected files on computer system, click quarantine selected,  then view report.


Its always good to keep log files in case the person that is helping you can see what was on your PC system and what was quarantine.


That’s it, you have just completed your first step in removing malware from your computer, remember other scan with other software may be needed to fully clean up your computer and free it from malware. If this guide helps, please share with your friends and family.

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