Setup Auto Archive in Outlook 2013

Setup Auto Archive in Outlook 2013: If you need to setup AutoArchive Outlook 2013 Exchange its very simple to setup.

Step 1:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook. then click Folder menu tab, then click the AutoArchive Settings.

folder-Auto Archive-settings

Step 2:

2. In Inbox Properties Select AutoArchive tab, then Select Archive items in this folder using the default settings. Next click the Default Archive Settings.


Step 3:

3. Check Run AutoArchive every (set the number of days you require.) Uncheck the Delete expired items (e-mail folders only). Next remove Permanently delete old items radio button.


Step 4:

4. Click Apply these settings to all folders now. Click OK.


That’s it, you just setup your AutoArchive in Exchange Outlook 2013


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