How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware

How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware, Ransomware is on the rise, so it’s very important to stay protected, the software which will be taking a look at today is renowned for its strength in security and protecting your personal computer from malware and ransomware. It’s of course Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, its one of my go to software companies when I am dealing with malware and want a good solid bit of software with great support, with regular security updates, it’s not a free product, but with ransomware on the rise, it’s important to get the right protection and I think Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 gives that in abundance, we will be testing the power of this software against some of the most nastiest crypto ransomware out there today. CBT Locker, Locky, Zepto, Petya, Satana, Fontom, CryptoWall, CrytoLocker, Cerber, FileLocker, TeslaCrypt, Torrent Locker, Venus Locker and more. Some of these ransomware can’t be decrypted, so if you are hit by any of these you are in big trouble and so is your valuable data, photo’s, music, documents, video, you name it these ransomware encrypts it. So sit back and enjoy the video.

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