Stop Using Windows 7?

Stop Using Windows 7?
Lets face it, Windows 7 is looking pretty dated. But you will still get the die hard users who insist that Windows 7 is safe to use and will be for the foreseeable future and this is total rubbish. Once Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020, there will be no more security patches, bug fixes or any updates. This makes Windows 7 vulnerable to malware attacks and particularly ransomware. Software will become obsolete, which means software will no longer receive security updates from its developers, this increases the risk of exploitable vulnerabilities. This is not scaremongering, its fact. The older Windows 7 gets, the less secure it gets.
OK you may be safe for now, but what about 1 years time? look what happened to NHS with ransomware attack? someone left a scanning machine plugged into the internet and it infected all the computers with crypto ransomware over 92 million in damage and probably a lot more now.

So if you are thinking of using Windows 7 as your daily driver, then think again. Its not safe. Banking online on a Windows 7 machine that is not supported is just dumb. Keeping personal data on a Windows 7 machine is risky. Oh I have a antivirus and firewall? think again, it used to let loads of malware on to the computer and malware used to disable it with ease. So no, you are not safe. Ask any proper PC Tech and he will tell you the same, Malware used to plague Windows 7 and it will only get worst, Windows 10 hardly gets any malware…why? because its loads more secure than Windows 7.

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