How to test computer ram

How to test computer ram

Are you having computer problems? frequent crashes? computer freezes up? BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Computer reboots all the time? well don’t worry, let’s start with some memory tests. Defective RAM is a big cause all sorts of problems, it’s a key hardware component and when it goes bad you can get some funny stuff happening to your computer, just like the errors mentioned above. 

Now Memtest86+ is a great tool to have, you’re going to need to do a number of passes if using Memtest86+

Running a single pass of MemTest86+ will run 9 different tests,  I would do  6 to 8 passes.

Important: Remember to run a scan with 1 stick of RAM installed into slot #1 of your motherboard, time this will improve the scanning results.

Once scan is complete run place stick into slot #1 of your motherboard. If that RAM stick passes, its a good stick of memory, then repeat process with other sticks of memory.

Install MemTest86+ to a USB flash drive
1. First Download  MemTest86+ – Memory Diagnostic Tool



2. Open  downloaded .ZIP file, and double-click it to open the USB Installer.



3. Insert a USB flash drive into the computer USB Port and install MemTest86+ to the flash drive.

(You can download Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO and burn to CD if you prefer, just download and burn to CD)




Lets Run MemTest86+ to test computer memory

1. Make sure the USB flash drive is in the computers USB port (If using CD make sure it’s in CD-DVD drive)

Now reboot the computer.

Keep tapping you’re DEL Key or F2 Key on the keyboard to Enter the BIOS or UEFI, make sure USB or CD-DVD is selected as 1st boot priority, and push F10 Key to save the changed and Exit.

Now Boot the computer.

2. The system will boot from the USB or CD-DVD MemTest86+ will start, don’t worry about setting it up, it should run automatically, this will only be a quick test, I would suggest you do 8 passes.




3. You can see errors highlighted in red, and list how many errors. Don’t see any errors after 8 passes? good news memory should be OK.

If you have errors, replace your RAM.









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