Things to Consider When Buying A Used Dell Computer

Things to Consider When Buying A Used Dell Computer
Are used pre-built computers worth it in 2020? These OEM Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Fujitsu PC are promoted everywhere on Youtube and I wanted to cover some of the pitfuls you can get into when buying these old OEM office computers.

1. Price (varies from country to country) needs to be super cheap or FREE to make it worth it.

2. Small Form Factor (Might be better to just buy (Motherboard, CPU, and RAM)

3. Priority Parts on some of these OEM Office computers.

No 3 Pin Fan Header
No USB 3.0 or Priority Header
Priority PSU and Connectors
Molded I/O Shield
Priority Heatsink and Pin Layout
Priority Pin Layouts ie Power Button/HDD/Reset
Priority Motherboard Size ( Can still fit )
Low Powered PSU
Low Profile GPU
Limited SATA ports
No setting in the BIOS to disable the Intel graphics attached to the motherboard

4. Return of investment (ROI) It’s old, so what do you expect in return when you sell it?

5. Upgrade Path? (AMD have flooded the market with better affordable processors)

6. Compromise (Making compromises, just to make it work)

All this hassle points towards another solution – buy a new PC or build a newer better PC system.

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