How to Tighten Java Security in Windows

How to Tighten Java Security in Windows: Java is use by a lot of applications, even some website use Java, so if you are a user of Java its very important to keep it up to date to keep your system safe. Malware likes to exploit Java vulnerabilities, which can be a security risk. If you use a lot of torrent sites through a proxy site, your be familiar to these fake Java update exploits, to the untrained eye, it’s easy to full fail to these cyber criminals, these fake Java updates can lead to malicious code being injected on to the computer system from fraudulent websites or illegally injected on legitimate website  that’s been hacked without the knowledge of the owner. these can be in the form of ransomware or trojans, these can hold the system to ransom until you pay a fee. Never pay these fines or demands.

So if your browsing the internet and you received a pop-up warning about a Java Update. Be careful it’s not a Fake Java Update.

Here is a image of a fake Java update website:


So how can you protect yourself? by using a Antivirus program and keeping it updated with the latest virus definitions.

Keep your Windows updated with all the latest security updates. Only ever download updates from the Java website.

Keep away from dodgy pirate sites and proxy servers, when downloading files, be careful what you click on.

You can set Java to use the Very high level of security setting on your computer, here is how you make that setting in Java.

1. If you don’t have Java yet and you want it, you can download it here Java website.

(if you have Java, you can skip to step 6)


2. Next click on Java icon java-icon Then click install button.


3. Make sure you remove the 2 check marks to install ASK Toolbar (example below)


4. Now check the close button


5. If you already have Java installed on the system, you can verify what version you have.


6. Once that’s complete, you can click on Start Button and then Control Panel


7. Now click Control Panel in the list


8. Click Security Tab and Select Very High


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