Tips to Prevent YouTube Account From Being Hacked

In this video we will take a look at how to keep your YouTube account safe from hackers. I will show you some fake Youtube emails that get sent to me and others all the time. I will show you some security tips on how to spot phishing emails from cyber criminals. Don’t become a victim and run the risk of losing your Youtube channel to hackers. So whats the worst can happen to my Youtube channel? it can be taken over and videos uploaded that could get channel copyright strike or terminated and even worst channel deleted. So be careful.

1. Message is sent from public email domain (example and not

2. Domain name is misspelled (example notice the extra o? at a quick glance, its easy to miss. Youtube or Google only use there named domain like and and they will never ask you for your username and password.

3. Never open attachments from unknown sources and never download or install software or .exe files from email links.

Fix hacked YouTube account

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