Upgrading My Old PC

Upgrading My Old PC
Just a little upgrade for my old work horse computer, be building a new one soon, so want to cleaning this one up and maybe sell it at some point. We be changing the CPU Cooler with the Reven Justice and Replacing the fans with RGB Ring Fan’s. Maybe drop in a GTX 1070ti.

CPU Cooler Upgrade to the reeven justice cooler.

Reeven Justice High Performance 6 Heatpipes Copper Base 120mm CPU Cooler

US Reeven Justice

US Reeven Twila RGB Strip

US Reeven Coldwing12 High Airflow 120mm PWM Case Fan

Company Website

US GTX 1070ti

UK GTX 1070ti

UK 101772 800W Variable Speed Quality Electric Air Blower Vaccuum Duster

US Alternative Blower


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