Warning: Fake BSOD Tech Support Scam

Warning: Fake BSOD Tech Support Scam. Another one of these lame tech support scam pages, never call or pay for this type of scam, there is nothing wrong with your computer, the cyber criminals want you to call so they can scam you out of your hard earned cash.
These type of scams generate from India. Just end the browser process in task manager and then run a scan with malwarebytes to be sure your system is clean. Its good idea to make sure the computer is free from malware, clean the computer with

ccleaner I would also change your surfing habits, these can generate from unsavory sites and proxy server sites. These have been on the rise since a lot of ISP have blocked pirate bay and now we see these proxy servers for pirate bay, these contain Ransomware, Malware, Trojans and advertisement scams like this. ADWCleaner is a great programs for removing PuPs and advertisements like this.

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