Watch out! New ransomware is on the loose

Watch out! New ransomware is on the loose, When your computer is infected by Petya Ransomware, it will encrypt the entire drive and change or modify you’re Master Boot Record (MBR). This new version called Petya V2 has a partner in crime with it called Mischa Ransomware, so if Petya fails you gain Administrator privileges to modify the MBR it will them drop Mischa Ransomware to encrypt your data, this way the cyber criminals are guaranteeing data encryption, which will give them a better chance of getting money from that ransom. I don’t think there is a way of decrypting you data unless you pay the ransom, which I would not recommend you do. This will only encourage the criminals to create more of these nasty ransomware. Remember to backup your data on a regular basis and store it away from the computer you are using.

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