What Windows 10 Services Can I Disable

What Windows 10 Services Can I Disable: If you want to tweak Windows 10 by disabling some services, I will show you how. Remember you may need some of the services on your computer, so please check before you disable them.

Warning: By disabling the services I show in this video, you do so at your own risk. Always backup your computer first before carrying out any service tweaks on your computer. I Britec will not be responsible for loss of data or damage to your system.

Step by Step guide on how to disable windows servers.

Windows 10 Services Disabled.

1. AllJoyn Router Service
2. Application Layer Gateway Service
3. Bluetooth Support Service
4. BranchCache
5. Certificate Propagation
6. CNG Key Isolation
9. Downloaded Maps Manager
10. Diagnostic Tracking Services – (Windows Phone home tracking service also called Telemetry)
11. Geolocation Service
12. HomeGroup Listener
13. HomeGroup Provider
14. Hyper-V Data Exchange Service
15. Hyper-V Guest Service Interface
16. Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service
17. Hyper-V Heartbeat Service
18. Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Service
19. Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service
20. Hyper-V VM Session Service
21. Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor
22. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
23. Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service
24. IP Helper
25. Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector Service
26. Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
27. Microsoft Windows SMS Router Service
28. Netlogon
29. Offline Files
30. Print Spooler (leave enabled if you want to use printer)
31. Printer Extensions and Notifications
32. Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
33. Remote Access Connection Manager
34. Remote Desktop Configuration
35. Remote Desktop Services
36. Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Director
37. Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
38. Remote Registry
39. Retail Demo Service
40. Routing and Remote Access
41. Sensor Data Service
42. Sensor Monitoring Service
43. Sensor Service
44. Smart Card Device Enumeration Service
45. Smart Card Removal Policy
46. SNMP Trap
47. Storage Service
48. Superfetch
49. SSDP Discovery
50. Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
51. Windows Biometric Service
52. Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar
53. Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
54. Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
55. Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)
56. Windows Font Cache Service.
57. Workstation
58. Xbox Live Auth Manager
59. Xbox Live Game Save
60. XboxNetApiSvc

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