The Best Cheap RGB Case Fans?

The Best Cheap RGB Case Fans? These RGB case fans are awesome for the money, I must say I am pretty impressed and the camera does not do the colours justice to how good they really look in real life, don’t forget I got the computer case up for review next and for the money it looks like a great budget PC case.

Only Compatible with Sahara RGB LED fan controller/hub
55 different lighting settings
6 Pins connector
Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Bearing type: Hyper bearing
Rating voltage: Fan DC12V, LED DV5V
Rated voltage: CD 5.0-13.8V
Star-up voltage: DC 5V (on/off)
Rated current: Fan 160mA, LED 600mA
Locked current: Less than 220mA
Rated speed: 1200rpm +/- 10%
Air flow: 38.0 CFM
Air pressure: 1.1mm H2O
Noise level: 23.5dB(A)
Connection lead type:Black L-580MM, 2468, 28#
Connector: Black PA2.0/6P
Compatibility: Only with Sahara Pirate Turbo Controller hub

UK Sahara 12 cm Pirate Turbo True RGB Case Fan

UK Sahara Pirate Controller Switch

As soon as I get a USA link I will add it.

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