Best Dell Optiplex For Gaming 2020

Best Dell Optiplex For Gaming 2020

Which dell optiplex should you buy? there are many to choose from, so in this video, I will break it down and give you some of the things to look for when buying a Dell Optiplex. Remember all Dell Optiplex have proprietary parts.

  1. Don’t pay to much. $100 i5 $150 i7 maximum $200 depending on spec. Must have 16GB ram and i7 and 1TB min and SSD.
  2. These are the two I would choose.
    OptiPlex 9020 i5 or i7

OptiPlex 7020 i5 or i7

  1. Things you will need.
    PSU adaptor cable
    16Gb Ram
  2. I still recommend build a new computer rather than buying one of these Dell Optiplex computers.

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