How to convert install.esd to install.wim

How to convert install.esd to install.wim: In Windows 10 iso, you will find a install.esd, to add files to your Windows iso, you will need to edit the install.esd file, to do this, we will need to first covert it to install.wim.

1. Open Command Prompt with Admin

2. Change directory to c: root where you should of copied install.esd. to change directory type cd .. and press enter and then again cd .. and press enter.

3. Type: dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:install.esd and press enter

4. Type: dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity

5. that’s it, you should now have install.wim in your c:\

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