DBPower U818A Quadcopter with 720p Camera

DBPower U818A Quadcopter with 720p Camera: This Quadcopter is really fun to fly, you can use it indoors or outdoors. The U818A by DBPower has some premium features and is really easy to fly. This drone is great for beginners who want to get into drone flying. You get an extra battery and propellers which comes in very handy if you crash your drone and need to replace the propellers. The Quadcopter is very lightweight at only 162g and its mostly made of plastic. I would not fly this drone in windy conditions or you run the risk of losing your drone in a tree.


UK DBPower U818A Quadcopter

US DBPower U818A Quadcopter

Discount Code: THWCH2QU (Valid until December 31, The original price is 89.9 and the discount price is 65.9)

Charging time: 120 mins
Flying time: 6-9 mins
Remote Operation Range: about 50-80 meters
Video Transmission Range: about 30 meters

Headless Mode
720P Camera (Manually-set resolution)
APP Control
Low Power Alarm
360 Degree Flip
Extra Battery
Remote Operation Range: about 80-100 meters
Video Transmission Range: about 30-40 meters

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