Disable Check Disk “chkdsk” That Runs Every Time Windows Starts

fsutil dirty query c: (This queries the drive and may say its dirty)

In this video I will show you how to disable automatic disk checking CHKDSK at Windows startup. So to disable CHKDSK from starting up, if we use the /x switch after chkntfs command in command prompt, it will stop it running at start up The /x switch is a command that excludes a drive from chkdsk. So if you want to stop drive C: from running check disk at boot up, then use this command to disable the chkdsk from scanning drive C: type: chkntfs /x c:

If you have a 2nd drive, say C: and f: Then your need to type
chkntfs /x c: f:
once done reboot your system.

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