Find System Information needed for Technical Support

Find System Information needed for Technical Support: When asking for computer technicians help for a computer problem whether its hardware or software related, he will need to know you Computer Specifications or System Information. Your computer stores all the info about Hardware and Software that’s installed in and on the computer, its a good place for a tech to start so he knows what components he is dealing with and to help solve and fix your Hardware and Software issues. What type of info is in the log file? it will list all components, devices , crash logs and logs of programs and devices that are not working properly.

So as you can see these system log files are great starting point to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair any windows issue you may be having.

1. Go to Start Button and type msinfo32 in run box.

Windows 7                                                                              Windows 8





2. In System Information, click on System Summary.



3. Click File and Export



msinfo32 will now create a full System Information log file.




Once complete you should have some looking like this



Now just save you log file as msinfo.txt



All done, now you can email or post to a forum for support.

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