How to Create a Universal Windows 7 AIO Installation Disc

How to Create a Universal Windows 7 AIO Installation Disc. If you are a computer repair tech, you will know installing windows is part of the job, having many different copy’s of windows can be a pain, so creating your own Universal Windows 7 Install Disk, ISO or USB flash drive can save time. I will show you how i this video.

Winows 7 Home Basic x64:
Imagex/export G:\Win7_64\Sources\install.wim 1 G:\Win7_32\Sources\install.wim “Windows 7 Home Basic (x64)”

Winows 7 Home Premium x64:
Imagex/export G:\Win7_64\Sources\install.wim 2 G:\Win7_32\Sources\install.wim “Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)”

Winows 7 Professional x64:
Imagex/export G:\Win7_64\Sources\install.wim 3 G:\Win7_32\Sources\install.wim “Windows 7 Professional (x64)”

Winows 7 Ultimate x64:
Imagex /export G:\Win7_64\Sources\install.wim 4 G:\Win7_32\Sources\install.wim “Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)”

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