How to find windows 8 oem product key

How to find windows 8 oem product key: Retrieving a OEM version of Windows 8 / 8.1 is not easy if you don’t know how, there are many tools you can use to recover the Windows licence key which is embedded in the BIOS, older versions of Windows used to have a sticker on the desktop case or laptop, now days laptops come with no sticker with license key on them, this can be very tricky if you don’t have a Windows rescue disc or factory reset disc, so when your computer gets infected with malware or Windows becomes corrupt, you may want to re-install Windows. You may say well I now have a Windows CD, but without the license key, you have trouble activating your legit copy of Windows. I will show you how to recover your SLP Product Key ie: Windows key from the OEM BIOS.


  1. Download RWEverything
  2. Extract the ZIP
  3. Right click on rw.exe then choose Run As Administrator
  4. From the top left of the menu, click on Access, then choose ACPI Tables
  5. From the top row, you will find a lot of tabs, scroll to the right, then click on MSDM
  6. Your product key will be displayed at the bottom near Data


Important: The OEM SLP product key that you retrieve will only activate on this, it won’t work on any other laptop.

That’s it, hope it help, if it does, please share with your friends.

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