How to Keep Children Safe Online

How to Keep Children Safe Online: Nowadays it’s very common for children to spend a lot of time online, the internet is a great place for young people to learn and explorer. But there is a dark side to the internet which you may not want your kids to see.

So setting up child user account is essential to keeping them safe online, it will let you setup restriction to stop young children from doing or seeing inappropriate things, but still letting them socialize, explore and have fun, but in a safe way. There always a risk from cyberbullying and pornographic material you might not want you young kids seeing.

So setting up Family Safety feature in Windows is a great way in keeping your children safe online. It will let you monitor the content they are viewing and games and sites they are playing and visiting.

The Family Safety feature setting in Windows gives you full control of what your kids can see and do online, whether its socializing on Facebook or Twitter, or watching content on Youtube, you have the power to Allow or Block the content the sites and content the watch. You can even setup how long they are online and when you want to cut off their internet use.

It’s suitable for all ages, from very young to teens. You can setup user accounts to suite each child’s needs. You can ever monitor watch they are doing online from work.

So watch my video to see how to setup Family Safety feature in Windows and learn everything you need to know about keeping children safe online. Remember many children know more about computers than their parents because they have grown up in the era of computer technology, but this does not mean you can’t learn it yourself. I have made many video tutorials to help people just like you, so subscribe and start learning the right way.

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