I Bought the CHEAPEST Gaming Power Supply So You Don’t Have to

I Bought the CHEAPEST Gaming Power Supply So You Don’t Have to
Looking for a cheap power supply? don’t bother. They are a waste of money and you run the risk of damaging all your expensive computer hardware. When this power supplies are under full load is when they are likely to go bang. How do I know this is true? been fixing and building computers for over 30 years and I can’t remember how many times I have seen a cheap power supply has gone bang and took pc hardware with it. Most of these cheap power supplies are not fit for purpose and use smoke and mirrors to get people to buy them. They are cheaply made with poor quality components, hence the cheap price.

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Will this power supply get to the recommend 700w and 36A on the 12v rail as stated on the box? I don’t think so and even if it did, it won’t be long before that PSU would let go and blow and take you pc parts with it.

Don’t be fooled by fancy colored LED fan or 700w silent power supply on box. Most of these will not run a modern day GPU. and even if it could, why would you run the risk?

Here is a proper tear down of the EVGA 500W (W1) Power Supply

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