Identify Unknown Devices in Windows Computer

Identify Unknown Devices in Windows Computer: A very common problem is missing or unknown device drivers, that can be seen in device manager. Why does this happen you may ask? well there is a number of reasons for it, the most common one is after you wipe / reformat you computers operating system without backing up your drivers. Now backing up drivers is no big deal if you have drivers cd’s to hand or sources to where you can get your drivers from and you know all the hardware devices that need drivers to work properly.


So what were those unknown devices? those are unknown to Windows and need to be identified so you can put the drivers for that device in your operating system. If you know what devices are left that need drivers, it should be identified once driver for that device is installed. well what if you have a bunch of devices and you have no clue what is what? Well free Hardware Identify tool can easily detect and find these devices that Windows detects as unknown. Hardware Identify will scan your computer system and detect all devices that are installed and create a list.

1. Once a scan of your system is complete, you should have a list of devices on your computer.


2. if your device is unknown, you could first search in Database.


3. You can also search Google by Hardware ID or by Name


Hardware Identify tool works with all versions of Windows 32-bit & 64-bit and downloadable for free as a installer or portable application.

If your still having trouble finding the device name or driver, check out this site.

Just do a search by Vendors Name or Vendors ID

Example, the Vendor ID (VEN_xxxx) is “12FC” and the Device ID (DEV_xxxx) is “8139”


Here’s the result


That’s it, if your looking for another great tool, try this one out.

UnknownDevices is a small utility that was written to provide computer technicians with a simple way to identify those “Unknown Device” devices that show up in Microsoft Windows after a fresh install.

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