Skip Metro Suite – Disable Metro UI in Windows 8

Skip Metro Suite – Disable Metro UI in Windows 8

Windows 8 Operating System is not like the previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has taken a different path with this operating system. The new user interface has had a complete overhaul and been redesigned from scratch. The metro UI is something new and really design with mobile smart phones and tablets in mind. So if you want to disable it then your in the right place.

Big thanks goes to Happy Bulldozer for creating Skip Metro Suite

Skip Metro Suite is portable application and does not require to be installed! It is available for both Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 x64

Skip Metro Suite features:

Skip Start Screen feature.
Switcher can be disabled.
Charms Bar Hint can be disabled.
Can completely REMOVE edge panels, including Charms Bar,Switcher and square start button at bottom-left edge of Desktop.

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