Is it Worth Buying Used PC Parts?

Is it Worth Buying Used PC Parts? The short answer is YES….BUT be very careful when buying second hand computer hardware. This video is a little on the long side, but I wanted to show you some examples to what to buy and what not to buy. Ebay is full of scammers and people trying to off load the old junk for good money. There are some bargains to be had, but its finding them at the right price.

Here is some things to consider:

* How much is the used part really worth?
* Don’t get caught in a bidding frenzy.
* Is there any return policy or warranty with the PC hardware?
* Can you see evidence of the used computer working OK?
* Have a price in mind and stick to it.
* Make sure all items are listed correctly.
* How much are you saving?
* How old is the PC Part?
* Can it play all the games you want?
* Can it do everything you want it to do?
* How much are you saving against a new computer?
* Is the part refurbished?
* Make sure used pc parts are branded and not generic
* Use common sense

Where can I buy second hard pc parts?

* Ebay
* Gumtree
* Craigslist
* Facebook groups
* Preloved
* Car boot sales, Yard sales.
* and many more

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